We were just cruising around with some good friends. We had rented a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains and were just enjoying some top-down driving in the mountains.

We drove up Grandfather Mountain, and pulled up to the gate just to get some information. We didn’t intend to go in. Just take a peak at entrance. Unexpectedly cars began to accrue behind us. We looked at each other and shrugged. Looks like we better pay the $20/person entry fee and go in.

We never regretted that decision. We drove up the tall mountain – 5946 feet above sea level. We went through their museum, visited the animal parks, saw wild cougars and otters. We hiked and crossed the mile high swinging bridge. as the wind played its ghostly melody as it passed over the cables running to the ground below, that kept it from being a really swinging bridge.

If you are in North Carolina, I highly recommend this place. We didn’t intend to tour it, but I can tell with certainty that we plan to go back.

See some of our photos below and watch their video in the header above. Enjoy.

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