Great Lake Trip – Day 14 – Michigan

2017-05-11 | Travel

Ann Arbor Michigan

This our last day in Ann Arbor. After our long walks at The Henry Ford yesterday, we decided to take it easy today. We set out to explore the town before heading south tomorrow.

Bandemer Park and Disc Golf

We found a disc golf course online and headed out to try our hand at a game.

Bandemer Park sign Ann Arbor MI

It turned out to be a nicely laid out 9-hole course. The morning was cool, and we had a fun game. A good change of pace after all the touring.

Disc golf course at Bandemer Park Ann Arbor MI

The tees were all concrete, each with a broom to keep it tidy. Each basket had three tees, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

1st tee at disc golf course at Bandemer Park Ann Arbor MI

Right across the highway was the Barton Nature Area. We walked across the bridge into the woods and took a long hike.

Bridge across Huron River at Barton Nature Area

This is the Huron River, that flows into Lake Huron.

view of Huron River from the bridge at Barton Nature Area

About half way along the trail we came upon the Barton Dam, a small hydroelectric plant. It is one of four hydroelectric dams on the Huron River. The city of Ann Arbor bought the dam from Detroit Edison and restarted generating power in the 1980’s.

Hydroelectric plant at Huron River near Ann Arbor

We drove through the University of Michigan campus some and stopped to take pictures of the modern stadium.

View of the University of Michigan stadium from the outside

It was time for lunch, so we went to the old part of town and searched for an appealing place to eat. We noticed a lot of young people on the streets, due to the University.

View of street in downtown Ann Arbor Michigan

We finally decided on Bandito’s Restaurant. It was nothing fancy, but the food was pretty good and the service fair. It seemed like a place that the locals would come.

Interior of Bandito's Restaurant at Ann Arbor MI

Tomorrow we head towards home, leaving the state of Michigan behind. Out next stop is on the other side of the river from Cincinnati, in the town of Covington, Kentucky. I’m looking forward to spending an hour or so with one of my Premium Members of who is growing his remodeling company in Cincinnati.