Great Lake Trip – Day 15 – Michigan

2017-05-12 | Travel

Covington Kentucky

The drive down to Cincinnati and across the mighty Ohio River into Covington, Kentucky was safe and uneventful. We stayed at a Holiday Inn just over the bridge which was pretty unimpressive. Once again we got a choice room on the opposite side from the river, and were rewarded with yet another incredible rooftop with spectacular air conditioning units and outcroppings of roof vents.

After checking in I set off to meet Sam, a member of my scientific Remodeling System website in the adjacent city of Newport, Kentucky. We had a really great conversation over some excellent coffee served by the very polite staff at Carabello Coffee.

Exterior of Carabello Coffee at Newport Kentucky

For dinner we walked to a nice restaurant called Blinkers. We sat at the tables on the sidewalk and had one of the most enjoyable meals of our trip. We took this picture on our way out of town the next morning.

Exterior of Blinkers Tavern Covington Kentucky

The crowd was quite animated. Conversation was plentiful. The manager came by to check on us and then joined some of his customers at their table. Most people seemed to know each other. Cars even stopped and conversed with some of the patrons on the sidewalk. A young lady eating at an adjacent table, with her dog Agnes, finished her meal and spent the next half hour apologizing for her dog and telling tales about her life. Just the kind of evening we enjoy.

Sidewalk view of Blinkers Tavern Covington Kentucky

That about does it for this journey. We head home tomorrow and rest up for yet another trip. After 15 days, we are ready to get home, although we really enjoyed every day we were on the road.

We haven’t decided on the next trip yet. I can’t wait to start planning though. See you on the road.

The End (at least for now)