Great Lake Trip – Day 4 – Michigan

2017-05-01 | Travel

Today we visited two parks: Galien River County Park and the Warren Dunes State Park.

The Galien River County Park is set in a swampy area. Two walkways are available to get up close and personal. One is elevated.

Elevated walkway at Galien River County Park

View of elevated walkway Galien River County Park

Here’s a view of the lower walkway.

View of lower walkway in the swamp at View of elevated walkway Galien River County Park

Looking back at the elevated walkway.

Looking back up at the elevated walkway from the lower walkway in the swamp at Galien River County Park

From this height, you can observe all the wildlife below.  Ducks and Canada geese abound. Another species that is prevalent here is the red-winged blackbird.

Next stop was the Warren Dunes State Park. There is a small parking charge here, which was self-service in these early spring days. There are 3 huge parking lots at the dunes, yet only one was open. Only 3 cars were visiting. Not sure what the occupants were doing.

The parking lot at Warren Dunes State Park Michigan

Some trees are survivors, no matter how much sand is blown away from their roots.

A large tree on the beach of at Warren Dunes State Park Michigan

Before heading back to New Buffalo, we stopped in Three Oaks, MI, long ago famous for the Warren Featherbone, a stay material for women’s corsets. Ed Warren started the company in 1883. Whalebones were prevalently used for stays in that era, and they were quite expensive. Warren discovered that the discarded pointer features made excellent stays and so began the The Warren Featherbone Company.

The factory still stands and houses a distillery – Jouneyman Distillery and a restaurant – Staymaker.

A sign about Warren's Featherbone Three Oaks Michigan

Journeyman Distillery at Three Oaks Michigan

Finally we headed back to our home base, New Buffalo, and ate lunch in an old building that now houses David’s. The sandwiches were very good and the service matched the food.

David's Delicatessen New Buffalo Michigan

Tomorrow we are off the visit St. Joseph, MI (Saint Joe).