Great Lakes Trip – Day 2 – Michigan

2017-04-29 | Travel

Chicago area

On Day 2 we traveled from Louisville to the outskirts of Chicago. And it rained like crazy all the way to Chicago. We made good time, but driving was quite a challenge in that kind of weather.

We passed a wind farm that went on for many miles. All nicely laid out in some farmer’s field.

Wind farms in Indiana

I’ve always been interested in Route 66. I ran across a restaurant on Route 66 while using the trip planner app, Furkot. One of the pre-planned trips on Furkot was for Route 66. At the beginning of the planned trip I saw a restaurant just west of Chicago called Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket. The restaurant has survived for over 66 years and is now quite famous. So we had to go. We did and thoroughly enjoyed the chicken basket and the atmosphere. Here’s some pix of Dell Rhea’s.

Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket

Interior of Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket


The fireplace at Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket

Front of the menu at Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket

Got to our hotel, a Staybridge Suites, and unpacked the car in pouring rain, enhanced by the traditional winds of Chicago. So I wasn’t in the best of moods. One of my preferences is to have a room that is far away from the elevator, and Staybridge knows this. Yet our room was adjacent to the elevator. No big deal. Just for one night.

At 2:00 am I was awakened by loud arguing and booming music. I finally called the front desk and asked them to put an end to it. Didn’t happen. I could hear the bass right through my pillow. Still not in the best of moods. But wait — there’s more. At 3:15 the fire alarm went off. Seems some prankster pulled the fire alarm. I do love a party. So we got dressed, grabbed our most valuable things (I’ll leave you guessing), and filed down the stairs from the 4th floor, along with everyone else in the hotel. Quite the processional. We waited outside in the windy rain till the fire department said we could go back in. Not happy.

We did get some sleep though. The hotel was quiet as a mouse. I think the partiers got the message after the fire chief had a word with them.

The next morning in the breakfast room of the hotel we overheard three men talking about the night’s events. They were middle aged, probably tech guys. One of them actually slept through the entire event, even though the alarm left us all temporarily deaf. Unbelievable.

So that was an exciting day, not in a good way. We were grateful though, that we didn’t Crash and Burn (cool song by Eat Static song). Life is good.

Tomorrow we are off to our first stop on the Great Lakes – New Buffalo, Michigan. We found a nice hotel at a marina, right near the shore. I sure hope it’s better than the last one. See you then.