Mini-Reunion at the Minas Grill

2017-08-23 | Food, Travel

Many of my family were raised in Brazil. So it is no wonder we enjoy Brazilian food and good company. And where better to find this rare combination than at the Minas Grill in Marietta Georgia.

2017 08 20 10.32.25 - Mini-Reunion at the Minas Grill

Since some of my family, at least in the Eastern portion of the US, were gathering to see the great total eclipse of the sun, naturally we needed a place to enjoy each other and reacquaint ourselves with Portuguese, the language of that great nation. We decided to unite at the Minas Grill for their breakfast buffet.

2017 08 20 10.32.33 - Mini-Reunion at the Minas Grill

The breakfast consisted of many pastries, some wieners in tomato sauce, scrambled and fried eggs, cheese, ham, fruit juices, and a few other items. The favorite among the pastries was by far the cheese bread (pão de queijo). The Minas Grill is also one of the rare places that serve hot milk along with their delicious coffee. To some, the breakfast may not have been that impressive, but everyone agreed that the company was superb. Stories were told. Backs were slapped. Hugs were widespread. It was a happy time.

2017 08 20 10.34.50 - Mini-Reunion at the Minas Grill

I have spent much time with my older brother in my 68 years, and yet there are still some missing threads to our stories. I was recounting how the last total eclipse I saw was with my college roommate, Tom, on March 7, 1970, at Virginia Beach, VA. To my surprise, my brother Terrill was also at Virginia Beach, on the same beach I occupied at that time, with his fiancé. And it only took 47 years for this story to surface. Life is good.

2017 08 20 10.35.03 - Mini-Reunion at the Minas Grill

I’ve interspersed some pictures of the Minas Grill throughout this post. This is a multi-purpose store. It houses a small grocery store, several services for Brazilians, and the restaurant. Although the breakfast wasn’t that memorable, you really need to try their lunch buffet. It is really fantastic. There are many meats and, of course, rice and beans. They also serve feijoada, a favorite black bean dish served throughout the nation. Check out the recipe here.

2017 08 20 10.35.10 - Mini-Reunion at the Minas Grill

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