An Exhibit Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen!

“This will be like a history of Chattanooga as seen through my eyes and my sensibility. I love history. I grew up with Chattanooga’s history. I love the romance of it. I love the characters.” Wayne White

arrow-right-50pxWayne White, raised in Chattanooga, TN., opens a new and exciting exhibit, Wayne-O-Rama. The exhibit features historical figures and places from Chattanooga, the Scenic City, all made from cardboard and plywood. You’ll discover interactive sculptures, giant puppets, and the most unique model ever made of Lookout Mountain and its attractions. Learn more about Wayne White.

Wayne White and wife Mimi Pond at Wayne-O-Rama
Wayne White and Chief Dragging Canoe War Chief of the Chickamauga Cherokee

arrow-left-50pxWayne White with his famed wife, Mimi Pond, and Rock City’s own Rocky. Mimi is a well-known writer and cartoonist. She wrote the 1st full-length broadcast episode of the Simpsons, in addition to writing and illustrating for the National Lampoon, the Village Voice, The New York Times, and Adweek. Learn more about Mimi Pond.

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Visit the Wayne-O-Rama exhibit at Tenn Art, 1800 Rossville Ave., Chattanooga, TN. It is open between 11 AM to 6 PM,  Wednesday through Sunday. Admission is free.

Visit the Wayne-O-Rama Web site here.

The Wayne-O-Rama Facebook page.

Luther Masingill sculpture at Wayne-O-Rama
Luther Masingill sculpture at Wayne-O-Rama
Hang Gliders at Wayne-O-Rama
Model truck on Lookout Mountain by Wayne White
A Model of The Incline at Chattanooga
Explore caves at Lookout Mountain
Wayne-O-Rama Exhibit
Wayne White's River-2

Leave a comment below and tell us what you liked about this superb exhibit. And if you haven’t visited yet, hurry! This is a limited time exhibit.

Rock City's Rocky at Wayne-O-Rama
An interactive model of The Incline at Chattanooga
An interactive model of The Incline at Chattanooga
See all Six States at Rock City
See all Six States at Rock City
Wayne White and River-1
Bob Brandy by Wayne White