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Ever had a cold? Probably. How did you feel? Lousy? No energy? Listless? Probably. The common cold – a typical ailment can take away days of your usually productive life. It gets worse when you delvelop other ailments, more chronic ones. But why let this happen? We are all intelligent people. We read, watch, and listen to sage (as well as awful and manipulative) advice each day. Yet most of us don’t pay any attention to advice that will obviously create a better lifestyle for us. We follow the path of least resistance, doing and eating whatever our impulses lead us towards.

Scarecrow videoI am not offering you a solution. Merely pointing out some facts that you’d probably rather not think about. Many people in the world don’t have the choice for a better life, for a better diet. But you do. Why not stop the bad habits and create some new healthy habits in their place. You CAN do it. It just takes a personal choice, a personal commitment. Watch the video and see how the scarecrow made his small contribution to the health of the world. It wasn’t much. Just one scarecrow up against the mighty corporations. But one is all it takes. Become an example. Others will take up the cause. Now it’s two or three. Pretty soon it’s millions.

Over 13 million people have watched this video. It is amazingly well done and carries an important message. Give it a watch. I think you’ll understand why it is so wildly popular. Enjoy, and here’s to your health.