First came drones, then came Volocopters. This could be the next personal transportation. Easy to fly, safe, and green.

E-volo, a German company, has developed a personal helicopter. It has 18 electric motors that control lift, direction, and velocity. It’s safe too. It has the ability to land with only 12 motors running. The goal of E-volo is to make a Volocopter that can fly an hour between charges.

Volocopters are pretty quiet too. They lack the big rotor that makes that awful beating sound that will shake your house if a traditional helicopter were to fly over. It also lacks the rear rotor that keeps helicopters from spinning out of control. The Volocopter is controlled by varying the speed of the individual rotors.

Keep your eye out for one of these flying over your home soon. They still have a way to go, but I think this is an idea that isn’t going away. I can’t wait.

Check out the pix  and video below.

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