Dayton Tennessee Eclipse Hot Spot

2017-08-19 | Event, Food, Travel

Dayton Tennessee

A small city lies just north of Chattanooga Tennessee by the name of Dayton. Dayton, TN, also known as “Monkey Town”, is most famously known for the 1925 Scopes Trial, where John Thomas Scopes was tried and convicted for teaching that man descended from apes. But this coming weekend Dayton TN will once again be famous because it will be close to the center of the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017.

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Monkey Town Brewing Company

If you go to Dayton, check out the appropriately named, Monkey Town Brewing Company. The food is good and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. I had the daily special, blackened salmon tacos, and my wife tried the Chicken Avocado Wrap – both very good. You can try a flight of their beers, most brewed right on the premises. If you enjoy playing pool, Monkey Town Brewing Company has many tables in the next room.

Monkey Town Brewing Company interior

Monkey Town Brewing Company interior. Note the Trial photos and mementos on the wall.

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Monkey Town Brewing Company logo

After watching the total solar eclipse, make a point of stopping by The Monkey Town Brewing Company (parking is free) and take care of your cravings. Hope you enjoy both activities.